LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells

LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells
The LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells, or LifeSmart Click and Go Selectable Dumbbells, as they are called, have some unique features that I really like.

First, the LifeSmart adjustable dumbbell set is a quality set, which you can tell when you pick them up.  They are cast iron plates with ergonomic grips.  It has a really nice and simple click and go system for selecting the weight you want to use.  You can select 5 lbs up to 30 lbs, so a great range.

There are two things, among others, that I really liked about the LifeSmart system.  First is that the dumbbells come as a set.  In many of the adjustable dumbbell systems you only get one dumbbell.  So you either have to have extra workout time as you do each arm separately, or you need to buy another one so you can use two at once.  Having them come as a set is a great feature.

The other thing I really liked with the LifeSmart adjustable dumbbells is the stand.  To some it may seem like a small or irrelevant feature, but I can't tell you how nice it is to have this stand.  It really helps not to have to go all the way to the ground to adjust and pick up the dumbbells.  The stand puts everything right at waist height, which is perfect.  The stand really helps to speed up the work out and put less strain on the body, so you are spending your energy on the muscles you want.

LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells Review
The ergo grip is a really nice feature also.  I was surprised when I picked up the dumbbells how much that ergo grip really helped.  It just fits the hand so perfectly.  The grip helps your hands not tire out as quickly, which is great if you are using these as part of a workout program like p90x.

For those who want a quality dumbbell set with a stand, the LifeSmart adjustable dumbbells are a great alternative to something like the Bowflex system.  The Bowflex system is great, but it will cost you around $200 more.

These will make a great addition to your home gym.  Amazon has them for the cheapest price, plus you can get free shipping.  Check it out.

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