Reebok Adjustable Dumbbells

Reebox Adjustable Dumbbells
The Reebok adjustable dumbbells, or Reebok Adjust-A-Weight as it's called by Reebok is a great 25lbs adjustable dumbbell set.  It's an all in one system that really helps you speed up your workouts.  The Reebok adjustable dumbbells allow you to quickly and very easily adjust the amount of weight you want to use by turning a simple dial and setting the weight you want.

There's a safety latch that automatically clicks in when the weight are lifted out of the cradle.  That way there is no worry of the weights falling off when you working out with them.

The set comes with 3 weights on each side of the bar that you can select between.  There are two 2.5 lbs weights and one 5 lbs weight on each side.  The bar by itself is 5lbs.  So the bar alone can provide a good workout if you are only looking to use 5lbs to start out with. 

The weight slide into and out of the cradle really smoothly.  So it's a really quick and easy process to change weights while you are working out.

Reebox Adjustable Dumbbells
This weight set is small and convenient.  You don't have all those free weights laying around that you have to put away after a workout. 

The only issues I had with this set is that at times, depending on how much you were shaking the weights around while working out, sometimes they would clack together a little bit and make noise.  It's not really a problem with the weights itself, they are strong and secure.  But for some the clacking sound might be a little annoying.  For me, it wasn't enough of an issue to take away from how much I enjoyed this little dumbbell set.

So if you are looking for a small 25 pound adjustable dumbbell set, then I highly recommend you check out the Reebok adjustable dumbbells.  Amazon has the cheapest price and you can get free shipping.  Amazon Discount Link Below. Check it out.

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